Haifa A. Alnaim

Haifa Alnaim is a member of the Saudi Arabia – Eastern Province Chapter Board. Miss Alnaim was appointed as a Director at Large and acting as a Director of Women Affairs.

Under the Finance, Strategy and Development organization of Saudi Aramco, Miss Alnaim is currently working with Saudi Aramco’s representatives of the financial and income tax; reporting to Management and the Saudi Arab Government; as well as producing Saudi Aramco’s consolidated financial statements and other management reports.

Haifa has been exposed to several areas within the organization since she joined Saudi Aramco in 2012- present. From working on export sales reporting, royalty calculation, to monitoring receivable collection. In 2012, Haifa graduated- with first honor degree- in Accounting from Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University, and earned the designation Certified Management Accountant in 2014.Email

Email: Haifa.naim@imasaudiarabia.com